Pauliina Punkki was born and raised in Lapland, Northern Finland. She received MA from University of Art and Design, ELO Film School, Helsinki, Finland.

Her resume as director and film editor includes several award-winning feature films, documentaries, tv-series and short films. Her works explore the femininity, and perception of females in our societies and the concept of truth in audiovisual communication.

She has also organized on behalf of Women In Film and Television, Finland discussion seminars for Film Festivals.

Punkki has worked in Film, television and art projects in Finland, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, India, Nepal and USA. 


Winner, Best Animation, Fengshui. Helsinki International Short Film Festival 2009
Winner, Diploma, Fengshui. KIN' International Women's Film Festival, 2009
Winner, Diploma, Who's Afraid of The Endless Appetite, Nordic Glory Film Festival 2006