For me working with moving pictures is a challenge as I am constantly trying to find new and creative ways to use film language. Not only on screen and television but in anything moving pictures are involved. I

make films to deepen the understanding of human nature.

Photo by Päivi Maria Wells, Nepal 2012



Pauliina Punkki was born and raised in Lapland, Northern Finland. She received MA from University of Art and Design, ELO Film School, Helsinki. Her resume as director and film editor includes several award-winning feature films, documentaries, tv-series and short films.

She works as a producer, writer, director and film editor. In spring 2019 she was awarded three-year grant from The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

In her own works she explores perception of females and the concept of truth in audiovisual communication. Pauliina Punkki's has a wide range of works from entertainment to media art. 

In Spring 2017 she and choreographer Raisa Punkki founded a production company Ida Productions based in Finland.  

Pauliina Punkki has worked in Film, television and art projects in Finland, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, India, Nepal and USA.